At the simplest of levels, Carole Sabouraud is a composer, songwriter and music producer. But after listening to her new epic trailer music album Suture–a debut release under her given name–and you’ll soon realize she’s much more than that. Some titles that may come to mind are “Sonic World Creator” or “Vibe Astronaut” or even “Sound Design Conjurer” for the talented Los Angeles based musician.

With inspiration and experiences that span the globe, Sabouraud has a bevy of left-field inspiration and influence and properly utilizes an experimental and fearless creative mind to connect all the musical dots together into a succinct thrill ride.

Sabouraud, who was born in France, grew up in Spain, and now resides in Los Angeles, somehow literally stitches sounds together on Suture that should theoretically never be used with one another. Yet Sabouraud concocts a rollercoaster of tension, release, joy, horror, and excitement with exceptional sound design techniques. She gives you just enough familiar moments of melodic respite to feel momentarily grounded–but these moments never last long. Suture is not for the faint of heart, and should be listened to by adventurous listeners that want to be surprised and shocked, in the best way possible.

Paul Crary

© 2018 by Carole Sabouraud